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Thursday, December 17, 2009

We are Moving!

It is time for change! Dave has taken a new position up in the Blue Ridge Mountains inside the Pisgah Forest!

So, we are starting to pack, separate the things we want, the items to donate, and items to sell for other creative artists around the world.

Dave will set up shop and move Turtles Creek up there to continue our journey with our business.

Looking forward to meeting new people, going to new places, and living in the middle of the Forest. We now live 13 miles from town, still out there. But now we will REALLY be out there!

We will miss our friends, family, and spectacular home that are are now it, but are ready for change in our lives once again!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Blog by Turtles Creek

Just a quick "Hello" to our wonderful friends and awesome customers! Thanking all of you for your business, support, encouragement, and friendship for the last 3 1/2 Years!

Now, in 13 Countries...We are so amazed at how we have grown. The most amazing of all, are all of the awesome friendships that have evolved so quickly. How unique and precious each and everyone of you are !

Recently, we have decided to continue with our website TurtlesCreek.com , but also allow Etsy to be a new avenue for us to grow. In just the 3 1/2 weeks of listing our items, we have already met some wonderful inspiring folks who are so talented, creative, and so helpful.

Never have we met such nicer people, so quickly. So, a big shout out to Etsy and thier Sellers/Buyers for such an awesome welcome to Dave and I.

We appreciate you all dearly!